The Clean, Punk Cocktail, Cowboys and Beatniks

Pitchfork posted an excellent 2003 review of The Clean Anthology very much worth reading. Also do check out the live video of “She Goes She Goes” below.

Now tell the truth: Do you dance like that? Have you seen Robert Scott lookalikes all over Brooklyn? I mean, THOSE GLASSES and that SWEATER! It’s the absolute limit, amirite? Retrograde 1985 Auckland, baby.

More music on Spotify. If you have another moment, check out the video for “Beatnik” HERE. It goes a little something like this: A cowboy walks into a bar…

In other news, an excellent blog discovery today: Jenny Woolworth’s Women In Punk Blog out of the UK. Check it out. I was looking for rare footage of LiLiPUT/Kleenex when I found her post about a doc titled PUNK COCKTAIL. This lady knows her business. FIN.